Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day 2

Tuesday - Today was a very long day.  My group had to stop several times for one problem or another.  After Shannon's second flat we realized that her tire was punctured, not just the tire tube, so we had to wait for support to arrive.  One of the bikers wasn't biking today, so she was able to continue on his bike.  Near the end of the route, we came across a bike shop where Shannon was able to buy a new tire.  Just as we were leaving, I found out my own tire was punctured and had to head back in to replace it.  Although this was very annoying (and expensive), I'm very thankful that this happened just outside the bike shop and not in the middle of nowhere.  We finally rolled in to camp about 4 pm.

This is the road we blame the problems on.


  1. Mike, by no definition that I am aware of is that considered a "road"

  2. Can't ask for a much better spot to have a flat tire than outside a bike shop. Hope it's a while before the next one.