Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 40

Friday - Well, the nice weather didn't last very long.  It rained on us for most of the ride, so we were pretty cold and miserable.  We stopped at Hope Reformed Church for cookies and coffee, which was a nice break from the weather, but it made it really hard to get back into the rain and keep going.

We also stopped at Graafschap CRC just outside Holland.  It was apparently the first CRC in the denomination.  They had a small museum in their basement documenting the history of Dutch settlers in the area.  The original church building was across the street.

We're staying in the dorms of Hope College tonight.  We met up with Christy who rode with us the first three weeks and works at the college. She invited a number of us over to her place a few blocks away after dinner.  She'll be riding with us again tomorrow.

Today's route.
Distance: 95.6 km
Elevation: +1948 / -1953 ft

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  1. So cool! A lot of one-of-a-kind memories from this trip, I'm sure - thanks for sharing them with us!