Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 53

Thursday - We had a short ride today, so most of us stopped about two-thirds of the way to go on an hour-long cruise around the 1000 Islands on the St. Lawrence River.  There are over 1800 islands, many of which consist of only a single residence, a dock, and a few trees.  At the farthest point of the tour we circled around an island on which sat a large castle.  It was pretty cool.

Today's route.
Distance: 83.4 km
Elevation: +854 / -890 ft


  1. Just catching up on your posts since the cottage. Over 5000kms congrats! How much farther to go now?

    1. I'm at 5200 km at the end of week eight and it looks like we have about 650 km to go. Because we skipped a few days in Arizona, we won't hit 6000 km.

    2. Boooooo... as I stated on the weekend, I fully expect you to fly back to Arizona at some point and finish it up :)

      While you're there you may as well see the Grand Canyon... I hear it's kinda alright :)