Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 55

Saturday - We had another beautiful day and another beautiful ride along the St Lawrence River.  We've passed into Quebec and are camped on the south side of the river just outside Montreal.

Julia Miedema, one of the cyclists, organized a euchre tournament tonight.  The way it worked was that eight hands would be played and the pair who won the most points would move clockwise to the next table, while the losing pair remained.  In both cases they would shift so that they were no longer partners.  This was great because you would end up playing with a lot of different people instead of being with the same partner the whole time.  Given all the noise and laughter I heard, we all had a great time.

Today's route.
Distance: 110.5 km
Elevation: +684 / -787 ft


  1. Sure you all had a great time, but Mike, you failed to answer the really important question - did you win? (Ou, en francais, 'As tu gagne?')

    After all, it's not whether you're having fun, it's whether you win or lose! :)

    Bon voyage cette semaine!

    1. The results of the tournament were never announced. Originally we were going to go 10 rounds (80 hands), but people started leaving early because they were bored or tired. I only got seven rounds in before there was no one left to play anymore. I had 55 points after 56 hands, so I'm sure I was a contender.