Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day 51

Tuesday - Today we had three churches along the way offer us drinks and goodies.  The first was Hope Fellowship in Bowmanville.  There was a large group of them cheering us as we biked into their parking lot.  They had coffee, fruit, and timbits for us as well as a table of assorted candies and little baggies so we could put together a bag of candies for the road.

The second church, Grace CRC in Cobourg had more coffee and a large selection of delicious baked goods.

Last, but not least, Fellowship CRC in Brighton offered us ice cream and oliebollen.  We were really spoiled today.

Just after I left the last church a sudden storm blew in and I got soaked.  When it finally stopped raining, I figured I must be close to the school where we are staying tonight, and sure enough, I crested the hill and there it was.

Today's route.
Distance: 133.6
Elevation: +2570 / -2518 ft


  1. Oh man, and you just finished doing all your laundry!

    Nice that all the churches had something different to offer! You guys really have been spoiled... Better prepare yourself for a harsh return to reality soon!

    1. Well, only what I was wearing on the bike got wet and it all dried pretty quickly when the sun came out again.