Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 56

Sunday - We were bussed to the island for a celebration service at the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul, a Presbyterian church.  The church was a beautiful old cathedral and the service was highly liturgical, reminding me of Lutheran services I've attended in the past.  A praise team from the local CRC also led us in a couple praise songs.

After the service we were free to spend some time in Montreal.  Shannon took us to her favorite restaurant, Santropol, where we enjoyed some great sandwiches in a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.  Afterward we walked through a nearby park and headed to a pub recommended by a friend of someone in our group for a refreshing beverage.  Finally we headed down to the pier where a bus was waiting to take us back to camp.  It was a very enjoyable final Sunday for the tour.  Just six days left!


  1. The final stretch before you can dip your tires in the OTHER ocean! Way to go!

    1. Yes, dipping my tire in the first ocean was pretty easy. The other one is proving much more challenging.

    2. Okay, where's the "Like" button on this stupid blog?! :)

      I guess I could just go the Danish route and say "Synes Godt Om!"