Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day 58

Tuesday - We had a good ride today, but it was probably one of the most challenging rides of the tour.  We went through the mountains, so it was one big climb after another.  I really enjoyed the first half of the ride because I had gotten a little bored with the flatness of Michigan and Ontario and the scenery was spectacular.  The climbs were challenging but enjoyable and flying down the other side was a blast (In the words of my brother-in-law: "Wheeeeeeee").  However, after a while it was really tiring and the wind shifted against us, so we couldn't even go fast downhill.  At that point I just wanted to get into camp.  Thankfully, there's a "rehydration station" just outside our camp, so I'm feeling a lot better now.

Today's route.
Distance: 131.3 km
Elevation: +6661 / -6930 ft


  1. Gotta love those rehydration stations, eh Mike? Even if they do serve American hydration agents... ;)

    1. I don't know if I would have made it across the continent without them. Also essential were the "dehydration stations" in each camp, though sometimes there would only be one or two of these and we'd have to line up to use them or create a makeshift station behind some trees.