Friday, 5 July 2013

Day 12

Friday - We are now passing through native (first nation) territory.  Last night we stayed in Zuni, a tribe of about 10000 who all live in town.  We stayed at the CRC mission school and was given a brief tour of the town by the principal.  It almost felt like entering a third world country.  She explained that the Zuni are concerned about preserving their traditions and resist development, which means those who do receive an education need to leave the reservation to use the skills and knowledge they have gained.  The Zuni used to do a lot of farming, but now the only industry they have is tourism and craft making.

Tonight we're staying at Rehoboth Christian School, another CRC mission.  A bus took us into Gallop where we witnessed a native ceremonial dance which they do every night through the summer.

Here is the group I rode with today:

Top row: Joel, Marc
Bottom row: me, Adam, Shannon, Christy, Rachel

Today's route.
Distance: 68.6 km
Elevation: +2448 / -2205 ft


  1. Wow, those "top row" guys are really heads above the rest of you... (groan)

    Love the posts, Mike, and all your jokes! Glad to hear that you're having such a great time and experiencing so many new things! Keep it up, brother - we're praying for you every day back home!

  2. Thanks, Sean. I am having a good time. It seems strange that I'll still be doing this for seven more weeks.