Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 16

Tuesday - Today was a challenging ride.  It was one of the longest rides at 140 km on a narrow two lane highway with lots of big hills and annoyed truckers.  In total we did almost 6000 feet of climbing.  To make it worse, I started the day with a flat tire and ended up wasting even more time looking for my sun glasses before leaving camp.  My group didn't get into camp until after 4:00 pm which is probably the latest we've ever been.  Still, I'm feeling good and with a good night's rest I'll be reading for more climbing tomorrow.


Distance: 142.7 km
Elevation: +5884 / -3784 ft
Average Speed: 22.3 km/h


  1. Love your blog, Mike, I check in daily - thanks for the updates and pictures! Keep up the amazing work you have done so far, especially this week with all the climbs and heat! You are all a witness as you ride and at all the places you are stopping.
    Emily Puklicz

  2. Thanks, Emily. I love to hear from people back home.

  3. Looks like some great scenery! I'm sure the plains will be a nice break after all those hill climbs.

    1. I'm sure they will. Unfortunately, we just entered Colorado and have a some mountains to climb before we get there.

  4. Another "halfway" marker that's slightly less than halfway, eh Mike? :) Hopefully this means more downhill from this point on at least!

    FYI, I've been reposting highlights from your blog to FB on your behalf... the whole family is cheering you on.

    You're doing great, brother! Keep going!