Sunday, 28 July 2013

Day 34

Saturday - We had another great day for cycling -- sunny and cool.  I actually had to keep my arm warmers on for most of the ride; I don't think it even reached 20 C.  We had a wind from the northeast, which was great when we were going east, but made it a bit of a struggle when we had to ride north.

Instead of eating breakfast at camp before heading out, we stopped at the CRC in Sully about a quarter of the way through the ride for a hot breakfast, which was delicious.

Today's route.
Distance: 151.3 km
Elevation: +4790 / -4957 ft


  1. We've definitely been having much cooler weather recently (we've also had sub 20 days recently) - must be a heck of a lot better than riding through the desert, though I'm guessing from what you've said in the past that it might actually be a little bit too cool for riding.

    1. No, the temperature is alright for cycling, but we do need some warmer clothing for it.