Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 30

Tuesday - We had an abrupt awakening this morning just before 6:00 am.  A storm was coming and our tents were blowing over.  We had to rush to take them down and find shelter inside one of the buildings on the camp ground to wait for the storm to pass.  We headed out after it had died down around 8:00 am into a head wind and drizzle and what was looking like a hard, miserable day.  Thankfully, the wind died down and changed direction so we had a cross wind instead of a head wind and the sun eventually came out, so it ended up being a very nice ride.  We crossed the Missouri River into Iowa.

We're camping in a state park tonight.  Marc, Rachel, and I went for a nature walk for a couple hours.  We came across a couple overlooks with spectacular views and took photos of some of the wild life.


After our peloton meeting a number of us headed back to the overlook to watch the sunset.

Today's route.
Distance: 111.9 km
Elevation: +3528 / -3806 ft

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