Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 14

Sunday - This morning we worshiped at Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Shiprock, New Mexico, who are our hosts for the weekend.  At one point during the service, most of the local congregation went up to the front of the church to sing some hymns for us in their native Navajo.  After the service they served us Navajo tacos, which consists of standard taco filling on top of flat bread that they baked just before the service and is eaten with a fork and knife.

In the afternoon, a few groups of us were shuttled to the nearby Four Corners Monument at the intersection between four states -- Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah.  It was a fun little diversion, but it was pretty hot out and there isn't much to do there, so we didn't stay very long.

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  1. Yup, that's pretty much how we remember Four Corners - really hot and not much to do. We each put one of our feet in two states, and held hands to complete the circle, played a quick game of ring around the rosie, did the Homer Simpson "I'm in Arizona, now I'm in Utah, now I'm in Colorado, now I'm in New Mexico" (and waited for someone to punch me and say "Here in New Mexico, we don't tolerate that kind of crap, sir!", though that never happened), took a picture of us in all four states, ate an overpriced snow cone, bought some souvenirs, and left. The whole experience took us about 20 minutes.

    But now at least you can say you've done it...