Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 21

Sunday - It was good to have a day off.  We had a pretty hard week and my body needed a break to recover.  It looks like next week will be pretty challenging, too.  We may be leaving the mountains, but we'll be riding over a lot of rolling hills and every ride is over 100 km with another American century on Friday.

We worshiped this morning at the CRC here in Colorado Springs.  They invited us to participate in holy communion with them, which is the first time on this tour we've had that opportunity.  They did it a little differently than I'm used too -- instead of individual cups, they passed around a larger cup of grape juice which we dipped our piece of bread into and immediately consumed.  They also provided us a great lunch of sloppy joes with lots of desserts.

Sadly, one of the riders fell and broke her leg on the ride yesterday.  She's doing alright, but, obviously, won't be able to continue the ride.

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  1. It's called "intinction" when you dip the bread into the wine. It's pretty common at older, more traditional mainline protestant churches, especially Anglican churches.

    Glad you enjoyed your day of rest and sloppy joes. I hope you have a great start to week 4 today, even though you'll be light a few of your fellow riders and euchre buddies now :(