Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 28

Sunday - Although Fairbury is a small, dying town, it certainly gets a lot of train traffic -- about three or four roll through an hour on average.  Since the tracks go through the city park, sleeping has been "interesting".

Today we were hosted by the First United Presbyterian Church, and they were amazing!  The amount of food was unbelievable.  Originally they had agreed to host us for lunch if we paid for the food, then they asked we only pay for the meat.  When Phil, who handles the money for the tour, asked them who to pay, they told him not to bother.  They even gave us all the left-overs for our supper.  The pastor preached a special sermon related to our tour on the valley of bones story from Ezekiel.  Although wind can be a cyclist's greatest enemy, the same wind that gave breath and power to the bones works though us accomplish God's work, that is the Holy Spirit.

Every Sunday we clear out and hose down the gear truck.  My sweep team was responsible for helping this week.


  1. Do you prefer riding on the plains with wind over all the hill climbs in the mountains?

    Hope you get tailwinds next few days.

    1. I think I preferred the mountains. It's about the same amount of climbing, but much nicer views.