Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day 36

Monday - We started the week with another calm, cool, sunny day.  It was a long ride, but much flatter than last week's rides, which made it much easier.  There was a little confusion about the route, some last minute changes were made, and some cyclists missed some turns, but we all made it into camp eventually.  At the end of our ride, we crossed the great Mississippi River, leaving the rolling hills of Iowa behind and entering the (hopefully) flatter Illinois.

Tonight we're staying at Unity Christian School in Fulton.  They provided a great dinner for us of chicken, pork chops, and corn-on-the-cob, with pie and ice cream for dessert.  There was also a live band performing for us while we ate. It was definitely one of our better dinners.

Today's route.
Distance: 152.4 km
Elevation: +3480 / -3522 ft


  1. Getting close, brother! Indiana briefly, then Michigan, then you're back home!

    And don't you love how you never seem to cross a river that has the same name as the state that you're in when you cross it?

    1. I can almost smell the Tim Hortons.

      I never really thought about the river thing, but I guess that is a little strange.

    2. They just put a fresh pot on for you...

      ...but in 20 minutes they're going to throw it out, so you'd better hurry!